Aug 16, 2013

Weird world foods!

At Pesto Italian Restaurants we pride ourselves on our unique piattini dining concept and versatile Italian menu, but when it comes to extreme dining we know where to draw the line.

In this week’s special blog we have a look at some of the world’s most bizarre snack foods, starting with Kanikko, candied crabs.

Hailing from Japan, Kanikko are tiny, completely whole caramelized crabs packed into cute crisp bags. According to food enthusiasts they taste both sweet and fishy and smell bad enough to clear an underground carriage!

Another Japanese favourite is Yokan potato jelly. Yokan is originally a Chinese dish made from potatoes and boiled sheep gelatin, although nowadays the gelatin is often substituted for azuki beans and wheat flour – much more appetizing!

The general taste is said to be similar to potato pie, whilst the texture is said to resemble Turkish delight. But be wary if you’re abroad and planning to bring a sample back – according to some travelers the commercial Japanese packaging makes the bizarre treat resemble a block of C-4 causing just a spot of bother at border security!

Over in Cambodia, fried Tarantula is a regional delicacy in the town of Skuon in Kampong Cham Province. The spiders are around the size of a human palm, cost less than 5p and reportedly taste like a cross between chicken and cod, although their ghastly presentation may be enough to put off even the most adventurous foodie!

Lastly we head to the Italian island of Sardinia, home to the rare cheese Formaggio Marcio. This particular Sardinian delicacy can’t be found in any Italian restaurants or shops outside of Sardinia, read on to find out why…

Also known as Casu Marzu or, quite simply ‘rotten cheese’, this Sardinian dish is a sheep’s milk cheese, which contains insect larvae. Larvae are put in the cheese to promote advanced fermentation and breakup of fats.

The cheese is said to be unfit for consumption once the maggots have died, so diners must ‘enjoy’ the rare treat with live larvae; definitely an acquired taste.

At Pesto Italian Restaurants we do offer a very special cheese board, but you definitely won’t find Casu Marzu on there anytime soon!

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